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List of Chinese characters used in the writing systems of the Chinese and Japanese languages, occasionally for Korean, and historically in Vietnam. Many of these characters are ancient or rarely used, therefore you may be more interested in much smaller list of characters in modern Chinese or list of most popular Chinese characters. The table below presents Chinese characters together with additional useful data (definition, stroke count, radical and other).

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PinyinDefinitionRadicalStroke countHSK levelGeneral Standard#Frequency rank
miáo(same as ) good looking, a prostitute 9.911
anger; rage; angry, (same as ) recalcitrant; stubbornly persisting in doing something wrong; cruel; despotic 9.810
(corrupted form of ) perturbed, to throb, palpitation of the heart 9.810
great; big; tall; vast, noble; high in rank, very; much 9.810
luó(simplified form of ) smart; clever 9.810
chái(non-classical form of ) a generation, a class; a series; a kind 9.810
hún 9.911
last name, all; together; mutually, a low rank officer to take charge of the bandits in ancient time 9.911
huì(a corrupted form) distress; very difficulty; anxiety; very tired 9.911
rǎoa kind of monkey, fingering for an ancient string instrument 9.911
zhòu(same as ) pregnant (, ); cruel; pretty, cute, clever, ingenious, smart; to be hired; (used for ) to jest, to chaff, to bawl, mean person (as opposed to real gentleman) 9.1012
(standard form of ) to usurp, to encroach upon, to raid 9.1012
hàn(same as ) envy; jealousy, to hate 9.1012
(non-classical form of ) anger; passion; rage, to sigh; to groan 9.1012
tài(same as ) manner, bearing, behaviour, policy, attitude 9.1012
yáo 9.1012
huì(non-classical of ) to meet; to assemble, to co-operate, a society; a guild; an association 9.1012
jùn(a variant of ) superior, handsome, refined, eminent 9.1012
strong, robust, vigorous 9.1113
lüèname of a god 9.1113
táng(same as ) to ward off; to parry; to keep out, as wind, rain, or cold 9.1113
yáo(interchangeable ) joy, delight, gratification 9.1113
zhàolong, of space or time, profitable, excelling 9.1113
zhāido not fear to 9.1113
(same as ) of great stature; stalwart, to injure, to grieve 9.1113
zhuóto bestow; to grant, to act; to do, quiet; still, peace; tranquility 9.1214
èr(same as ) capital form of two, a second job, to harbour doubts; to hesitate, to revolt 9.1214
rǎnbrittle and friable, fear; dread; fright; scare 9.1214
to unbind the collar 9.1214
chì(same as ) to gather the harvest; to gather together 9.1214
(same as ) to skip about; to dance for joy; to soothe, slow, disappointed 9.1214
hàndangerous; lofty; steep; high and dangerous 9.1214
tǎng(same as ) alarmed; agitated 9.1214
loquacious 9.1214
(same as ) a servant; a menial, a woodcutter 9.1214
qióng(ancient form of ) along; desolate; orphaned 9.1214
léi(interchangeable ) utterly weary in body and spirits; negligent; lax 9.1214
evil, wicked, wrong, foul 9.1214
kuǐgrow up, commodity prices 9.1315
(same as ) a slave; a servant, used conventionally for oneself, a charioteer 9.1315
to escape; to abscond; to flee, (interchangeable ) 9.1315
shú 9.1315
yāngunyield 9.1315
ǒu(same as ) the root-stock of the lotus; arrowroot 9.1315
tái(a variant of ) a servant 9.1315
miánto hand or bow the head; to droop; to lower, low; beneath 9.1416
yìn(same as ) firm; stable; secure, dependent upon others 9.1416
diàoto stand alone; independent 9.1416
respectful; attentive, carefully; cautious; to heed; to be watchful, to rely on; to trust to; to lean towards 9.1416
mièto deceive; artful; false 9.1517
jùnvaliant; brave, eminent 9.1517
niǎo(same as ) with a charming; slim carriage (of a woman), pretty 9.1618
xiènarrow; contracted, quickly; fast; hasty; soon; promptly 9.1618
yóuname of a person 9.1719
chè 9.1820
fēngan immortal 9.1820
lěi(same as ) puppets, very tired; fatigued; weary and weak 9.1820
(same as ) a pair; a couple, luxuriant; lush; exuberant 9.1921
(ancient form of ) an immortal; a fairy; a genie 9.1921
luǒ(same as ) naked, to strip; to unclothe 9.2123
(ancient form of ) tin; pewter 9.2426
(ancient form of ) choked and unable to breath 10.46
(same as ) an elder brother 10.810
quán(a variant, seal type of ) perfect, complete, absolute 11.35
cái(a variant of ) wealth; property; valuables, bribes 11.46
liǎng(ancient form of ) two, a pair; a couple; both 11.57
to come; to go out 11.57
mào(same as ) manner; appearance; form; face; bearing 12.57
(ancient form of ) public; open to all 12.57
guǎ(simple form of ) to prosper, to begin, to increase; to rise; to raise, flourishing 12.57
suì(same as ) to obey; to comply with; to follow the wishes of another, (an ancient form of ) a year, age, the harvest 12.79
(non-classical of ) to upset; to turn over, to fall, upside down 12.1820
mào(same as ) to go forward with eyes covered, to risk, to rush upon, to put forth, to issue forth 13.911
mánaverage; equivalent; corresponding, to cover something carefully and tightly without a break; (Cant.) blocked 13.911
quāna kind of cap for children 13.1012
shìa kind of wrapper used to cover over the face and head 13.1113
a kind of turban used in ancient time 13.2022
wǎnga net; net-like, radical 122 14.24
kòu(a variant of ) tyrannical; cruel, to rob; to plunder, banditti; thieves; highwaymen 14.79
(standard form of ) to sacrifice by pouring out a libation of wine 14.1012
zhènto plough; to till, black color 14.1315
tīngfrozen; cold 15.24

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General Standard# - index number in the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters.
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