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HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì; 汉语水平考试), translated as Chinese Proficiency Test or Chinese Standard Exam, is China's standardized exam for non-native speakers that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency.

The test consists of 6 levels and list of words that need to be known is provided for each level. No character lists are provided separately, therefore the characters presented on this page were derived from these word lists.

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Please be aware that the character lists for HSK levels provided on this website are not cumulative (contain only new characters). Therefore if you for example prepare for HSK level 4, you should not only learn the characters for level 4, but also for previous levels (1, 2 and 3).

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PinyinDefinitionRadicalStroke countHSK levelGeneral Standard#Frequency rank
this, thus, such; to lop off; emphatic particle 69.81262541168
dǎngpolitical party, gang, faction 10.81061885411
chénexhibit, display; plead; a surname 170.5760914525
gōngattack, assault; criticize 66.3760630588
supreme ruler, emperor; god 50.6961633612
ruòif, supposing, assuming; similar 140.5861002651
waves, breakers; undulations 85.5861261664
different, unusual, strange 55.3660568709
scheme, plan; to whip; urge 118.61262683714
zuìcrime, sin, vice; evil; hardship 122.81362932718
zhōuadministrative division, state 47.3660535721
zōnglineage, ancestry; ancestor, clan 40.5861275727
xiébe united; cooperate 24.4660383735
shěnexamine, investigate; judge 40.5861279746
huángroyal, imperial; ruler, superior 106.4961571759
assist; supplement; assistant 18.91162234764
kàngresist, oppose, defy, reject 64.4760646766
fàncommit crime, violate; criminal 94.2560292767
tiánfield, arable land, cultivated 102.0560244778
yāngcenter, conclude, run out; beg 37.2560249800
jiānsupervise, control, direct 108.51061883838
dew; bare, open, exposed 173.122163490841
open country, field; wilderness 166.41162265845
jiànwarship 137.41061978851
wānbay, cove, inlet, bend of stream 85.91262764855
lucky, propitious, good 30.3660356856
jiànsword, dagger, saber 18.7961587869
also, too; likewise 8.4660516886
ēnkindness, mercy, charity 61.61061909888
foolish, stupid, rash; vulgar 195.41262717898
duānend, extreme; head; beginning 117.91463151916
tànfind, locate; search, grope for 64.81162188917
a lake; Hubei, Hunan; bluish-green 85.91262751918
I, me; to give 6.3460184925
gǎngport, harbor; small stream; bay 85.91262749927
éforehead; tablet, plaque; fixed 181.91563304936
supervise, oversee, direct 109.81362891946
marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance 85.5861263951
mièextinguish; wipe out, exterminate 86.1560223953
do not, is not, can not; negative 140.71061824955
wángdeath, destroyed; lose, perish 8.1360054957
shèngholy, sacred 32.2560340960
nuòpromise; assent, approve 149.81062111969
lúnnormal human relationships 9.4660470970
àomysterious, obscure, profound 37.91262701972
tángTang dynasty; Chinese 30.71062037973
tánghall; government office 32.81162256980
gōngpalace 40.6961698982
jūnsovereign, monarch, ruler, chief, prince 30.4760899985
móuplan, scheme; strategem 149.91162459989
zhèntown, market place; suppress 167.1015632561002
fánall, any, every; ordinary, common 16.13600501013
zhūvarious, all, these; surname 149.810621101021
zhuāngvillage, hamlet; villa, manor广 53.36605141024
ancestor, forefather; grandfather 113.59617101025
bàoviolent, brutal, tyrannical 72.1115632341028
tower, spire, tall building 32.1012625101030
yǐnhide, conceal; hidden, secret 170.911624801034
méngcover; ignorant; suffer; mongolia 140.1013628591039
desire, want, long for; intend 76.711623521045
zāocome across, meet with, encounter 162.1114630851048
disciple, follower; go on foot 60.710619751060
crooked, bent; wrong, false 73.26604241066
sāistop up, block, seal, cork; pass, frontier; fortress 32.1013630251080
qīninvade, encroach upon, raid 9.79615741086
xíngpunishment, penalty; law 18.46603511087
valley, gorge, ravine 150.07607981095
chuānstream, river; flow; boil 47.03600431109
qiánhide; hidden, secret, latent 85.1215632901112
resist, oppose; deny; off-set 64.58609751119
jiéhero; heroic, outstanding 75.48610311129
zhèng 163.68612291132
hùnto mix, blend, mingle; to bumble along 85.811624201137
chénminister, statesman, official 131.06603801138
elegant, graceful, refined 172.412626001139
shèngabundant, flourishing; contain; fill 108.711622471142
anger, rage, passion; angry 61.59617421143
cáninjure, spoil; oppress; broken 78.59614601150
house; building, structure; eaves 40.36605451156
měngviolent, savage, cruel; bold 94.811623701157
huǐdestroy 79.913629561160
méngswear; oath, covenant, alliance 108.813629071163
dīngmale adult; robust, vigorous; 4th heavenly stem 1.12600051168
demon, evil spirits; magic power 194.1120634841180
沿yánfollow a course, go along 85.58612501182
lafinal particle of assertion 30.811622671194
tile; earthenware pottery; girl 98.04601081195
yuánaid, assist; lead; cite 64.912625301197
duótake by force, rob, snatch 37.36603961199
piāninclined one side; slanting 9.911623341204
raid, attack; inherit 212.611622461213
xiáchivalrous person; knight-errant 9.68611411216
side; incline, slant, lean 9.68611471220
zhàidebt, loan, liabilities 9.810619541223
róngmelt, fuse; blend, harmonize 142.1016633341225
zòngindulge in, give free reign to 120.47609361236
zhàngseparate; shield; barricade 170.1113630381237

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HSK level - whether character appears on the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Proficiency Test) word list and on what level.
General Standard# - index number in the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters.
Frequency rank - based on Jun Da's Modern Chinese Character Frequency List.

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