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HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì; 汉语水平考试), translated as Chinese Proficiency Test or Chinese Standard Exam, is China's standardized exam for non-native speakers that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency.

The test consists of 6 levels and list of words that need to be known is provided for each level. No character lists are provided separately, therefore the characters presented on this page were derived from these word lists.

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Please be aware that the character lists for HSK levels provided on this website are not cumulative (contain only new characters). Therefore if you for example prepare for HSK level 4, you should not only learn the characters for level 4, but also for previous levels (1, 2 and 3).

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PinyinDefinitionRadicalStroke countHSK levelGeneral Standard#Frequency rank
deearth; soil, ground; region 32.363036621
érand; and then; and yet; but 126.063039236
in, on, at; go to; surname 7.133002440
self, private, personal; from 132.063047743
issue, dispatch, send out; hair 29.353033947
yònguse, employ, apply, operate; use 101.053028351
xínggo; walk; move, travel; circulate 144.063048353
zhǒngseed; race, breed; to plant 115.493154957
chéngcompleted, finished, fixed 62.363040159
fānga square, rectangle; a region; local 70.043016360
law, rule, regulation, statute; France, French 85.583124165
if, supposing; as if; like, as 38.363057867
dāngbear, accept, undertake; just 42.363041871
dìngdecide, settle, fix 40.583127677
his, her, its, their; that 12.683099685
zhǔmaster, chief owner; host; lord 3.453030087
reason, logic; manage 96.7113215789
xīnheart; mind, intelligence; soul 61.043017490
zhǐonly, just, simply 30.253024697
shíreal, true; honest, sincere 40.5831285100
zhěthat which; he who; those who 125.4830969103
power, capability, influence 19.0230019106
hold, take; guard; regard as 64.4730655110
yòuand, also, again, in addition 29.0230021126
profession, business; GB radical 111 1.4530231130
zhòngheavy, weighty; double 166.2931552140
thing, substance, creature 93.4831127142
yīngshould, ought to, must广 53.4730836144
xiàngtoward, direction, trend 30.3630480146
tóuhead; top; chief, first; boss 37.2530310147
wénliterature, culture, writing 67.0430161148
xiāngmutual, reciprocal, each other 109.4931430152
bèi 145.51032118154
huòor, either, else; perhaps, maybe 62.4831035160
self, oneself; personal, private; 6th heavenly stem 49.0330060162
jiāadd to, increase, augment 19.3530335166
special, unique, distinguished 93.61031938173
xìntrust, believe; letter 9.7931570176
huàchange, convert, reform; -ize 21.2430132178
shìgeneration; world; era 1.4530206181
wèithrone; position, post; rank, status; seat 9.5730784182
shēngsound, voice, noise; tone; music 33.4730654195
hold in hand; lift in hand 64.91232520196
jiěloosen, unfasten, untie; explain 148.61332981201
kǒumouth; open end; entrance, gate 30.0330038212
píngflat, level, even; peaceful 51.2530222215
gèngmore, still further, much more 73.3730693221
biànchange, transform, alter; rebel 29.6831204225
zǒngcollect; overall, altogether 12.7931654228
shùnumber; several, count; fate 66.91332999231
ānpeaceful, tranquil, quiet 40.3630549232
cáitalent, ability; just, only 64.0330029235
jiéknot, tie; join, connect 120.6931754236
eye; look, see; division, topic 109.0530236239
gǎnfeel, perceive, emotion 61.91332875243
jiēreceive; continue; catch; connect 64.81132185247
surely, most certainly; must 61.1530321248
shìmarket, fair; city, town; trade 50.2530301254
zhístraight, erect, vertical 109.3831011255
shānmountain, hill, peak 46.0330039259
kōngempty, hollow, bare, deserted 116.3831282272
juédecide, determine, judge 15.4630523273
horse; surname; KangXi radical 187 187.0330072276
jièboundary, limit; domain; society; the world 102.4931496288
fàngput, release, free, liberate 66.4831223291
xiànga picture, image, figure; to resemble 9.121332961294
qiěmoreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb) 1.4530237296
nándifficult, arduous, hard; unable 29.81032147295
record; keep in mind, remember 149.3530323306
nánsouth; southern part; southward 24.7931422307
qiúseek; demand, request; beseech 85.2730690312
to occupy, take possession of; a base, position 64.81132189313
zhāngstretch, extend, expand; sheet 57.4730909318
gāishould, ought to, need to 149.6831300319
wànten thousand; innumerable 1.2330035322
qīngclear, pure, clean; peaceful 85.81132410335
dàibelt, girdle, band, strap, zone 50.6931407342
fēngwind; air; manners, atmosphere 182.0430154348
gēnroot, base(d on); foundation 75.61031850352
gànoppose, offend; invade; dried 51.0330023353
extreme, utmost, furthest, final 75.3730687363
bànmanage, do, handle; deal with 19.2430181367
consult, talk over, discuss 149.3530320368
yuánfirst; dollar; origin; head 10.2430080370
dānsingle, individual, only; lone 12.6831232389
diàotransfer, move, change; tune 149.81032123400
suàncount, calculate, figure; plan 118.81433121403
need, require, must 173.61433095408
huāflower; blossoms 140.4730665410
chéngcastle; city, town; municipality 32.7931373413
level, rank, class; grade 120.3630594415
return; repeat; repeatedly 35.6931553426
mǎnfill; full, satisfied 85.101333005436
yuèexceed, go beyond; the more ... 156.51232514440
rónglooks, appearance; figure, form 40.71032105442
zhàoshine, illumine, reflect 86.91332911443
must, have to, necessary 59.6931585444
bāowrap, pack, bundle; package 20.3530298454
piànslice, splinter, strip; rad. 91 91.0430130455
shǐhistory, chronicle, annals 30.2530248456

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HSK level - whether character appears on the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Proficiency Test) word list and on what level.
General Standard# - index number in the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters.
Frequency rank - based on Jun Da's Modern Chinese Character Frequency List.

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