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Table of General Standard Chinese Characters

The Table of General Standard Chinese Characters (通用规范汉字表; Tōngyòng Guīfàn Hànzì Biǎo) is a standard list of 8105 simplified (and unchanged) Chinese characters. The list was issued in late 2013 by the State Council of the People's Republic of China. The characters are divided into three levels containing 3500, 3000 and 1605 characters respectively. Characters in group 1 and 2 (the first 6500) are designated as common.

The table below presents all the 8105 characters together with the index number in 通用规范汉字表 (General Standard#) and additional useful data (pinyin, definition, radical, strokes, HSK level, frequency).

The 通用规范汉字表 index numbers mapped to Unicode code points are available in separate text file: mapping table.

8105 characters
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PinyinDefinitionRadicalStroke countHSK levelGeneral Standard#Frequency rank
one; a, an; alone 1.01100012
second; 2nd heavenly stem 5.01500021872
èrtwo; twice 7.0210003157
shíten, tenth; complete; perfect 24.0210004112
dīngmale adult; robust, vigorous; 4th heavenly stem 1.12600051168
chǎngfactory, workshop; radical 27 27.0250006963
seven 1.1210007530
bofortune telling; prophesy 25.0200081979
eight; all around, all sides 12.0210009451
rénman; people; mankind; someone else 9.02100107
enter, come in(to), join 11.0240011210
érson, child; KangXi radical 10 10.0210012192
spoon, ladle; knife, dirk 21.0200133252
small table 16.0210014211
jiǔnine 5.1210015445
diāotricky, sly, crafty, cunning 18.0200163635
leto finish; particle of completed action 6.12100175
dāoknife; old coin; measure 18.02400181067
power, capability, influence 19.0230019106
nǎithen; really, indeed; as it turned out, after all; namely丿 4.1200201165
yòuand, also, again, in addition 29.0230021126
sānthree 1.2310022125
gànoppose, offend; invade; dried 51.0330023353
in, on, at; go to; surname 7.133002440
kuīlose, fail; damage; deficient 7.13500251738
gōnglabor, work; worker, laborer 48.0310026118
soil, earth; items made of earth 32.0350027515
shìscholar, gentleman; soldier 33.0340028372
cáitalent, ability; just, only 64.0330029235
xiàunder, underneath, below; down; inferior; bring down 1.231003042
cùninch; small, tiny; KangXi radical 41 41.03600311904
big, great, vast, large, high 37.031003217
zhàngunit of length equal 3.3 meters; gentleman, man, husband 1.23200331242
and; with; to; for; give, grant 1.3340034108
wànten thousand; innumerable 1.2330035322
shàngtop; superior, highest; go up, send up 1.231003616
xiǎosmall, tiny, insignificant 42.031003783
kǒumouth; open end; entrance, gate 30.0330038212
shānmountain, hill, peak 46.0330039259
jīnkerchief; towel; turban; KangXi radical number 50 50.03400402281
qiānthousand; many, numerous; very; (Cant.) a cheater, swindler 24.1320041599
beg; request 5.23600422429
chuānstream, river; flow; boil 47.03600431109
亿hundred million; many 9.13500441057
numerary adjunct, piece; single 2.231004512
evening, night, dusk; slanted 36.03500462003
jiǔlong time (ago); time passage, grow late丿 4.2330047637
meinterrogative particle; repetition of a tune small; tender丿 4.231004863
sháospoon, ladle; unit of volume 20.13400493275
fánall, any, every; ordinary, common 16.13600501013
wánsmall round object; pellet, pill 3.23600512462
extend; reach; come up to; and 29.2340052198
广guǎngwide, extensive, broad; rad. 53广 53.0340053468
wángdeath, destroyed; lose, perish 8.1360054957
méngate, door, entrance, opening 169.0320055185
forked; bifurcation 2.2300562682
right conduct, righteousness丿 4.2350057208
zhīmarks preceding phrase as modifier of following phrase; it, him her, them; go to丿 4.334005844
shīcorpse; to impersonate the dead; to preside; KangXi radical 44 44.03600591517
self, oneself; personal, private; 6th heavenly stem 49.0330060162
already; finished; stop 49.0320061117
the hours from 9 to 11; 6th terrestrial branch 49.0300623381
gōngbow; curved, arched; KangXi radical number 57 57.0300632229
zioffspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch 39.031006437
wèiguard, protect, defend 5.2340065669
also; classical final particle of strong affirmation or identity 5.232006631
woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38 38.0310067224
rènedged tool, cutlery, knife edge 18.1300682700
fēifly; go quickly; dart; high 5.2310069347
practice; flapping wings 15.1310070676
chācrotch; fork, prong 29.13500712231
horse; surname; KangXi radical 187 187.0330072276
xiāngcountry; rural; village 52.0350073922
fēngabundant, lush, bountiful, plenty 2.34400741189
wángking, ruler; royal; surname 96.0450075299
kāiopen; initiate, begin, start 55.141007694
jǐngwell, mine shaft, pit 7.24600771431
tiānsky, heaven; god, celestial 37.141007878
man, male adult, husband; those 37.1420079377
yuánfirst; dollar; origin; head 10.2430080370
negative, no, not; KangXi radical 71 71.0440081105
yúnsay, speak; clouds 7.2440082692
zhuānmonopolize, take sole possession 1.3440083485
gàibeggar; beg; give 1.34600842606
zhāpull up; pierce; struggle free 64.14600851411
art; talent, ability; craft 140.1440086786
tree; wood, lumber; wooden 75.0450087694
five; surname 7.2410088279
zhīdisperse, pay; support; branch 65.0440089437
tīnghall, central room 27.24400901217
no, not; un-; negative prefix 1.34100914
quǎndog; radical number 94 94.04600922649
tàivery, too, much; big; extreme 37.1410093240
area, district, region, ward 23.2440094265
history; calendar 27.2430095480
dǎibad, vicious, depraved, wicked 78.04600962905
yǒufriend, companion; fraternity 29.2410097594
yóuespecially, particularly 43.14400981099
bolt of cloth; counter for horses 23.24500991908
chēcart, vehicle; carry in cart 159.0410100361

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HSK level - whether character appears on the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Proficiency Test) word list and on what level.
General Standard# - index number in the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters.
Frequency rank - based on Jun Da's Modern Chinese Character Frequency List.

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