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Most common Chinese characters - ordered by frequency - page 3

List of Chinese characters ordered by frequency rank (from most common to least common). Based on Jun Da's Modern Chinese Character Frequency List. Using simplified characters.

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PinyinDefinitionRadicalStroke countHSK levelGeneral Standard#Frequency rank
jiěloosen, unfasten, untie; explain 148.61332981201
shuǐwater, liquid, lotion, juice 85.0410117202
míngname, rank, title, position 30.3610505203
zhēnreal, actual, true, genuine 109.51021832204
lùndebate; discuss; discourse 149.4640556205
chùplace, locale; department 34.2540294206
zǒuwalk, go on foot; run; leave 156.0720625207
right conduct, righteousness丿 4.2350057208
each, individually, every, all 30.3640506209
enter, come in(to), join 11.0240011210
small table 16.0210014211
kǒumouth; open end; entrance, gate 30.0330038212
rènrecognize, know, understand 149.2410171213
tiáoclause, condition; string, stripe 75.3720816214
píngflat, level, even; peaceful 51.2530222215
system; line, link, connection 120.1710825216
steam, vapor; KangXi radical 84 84.0410122217
forehead; title, headline; theme 181.91523233218
huólive, exist, survive; lively 85.6941672219
ěryou; that, those; final particle 42.2540286220
gèngmore, still further, much more 73.3730693221
biéseparate, other; do not 18.5720751222
strike, hit, beat; fight; attack 64.2510196223
woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38 38.0310067224
biànchange, transform, alter; rebel 29.6831204225
four 31.2510262226
shénspirit, god, supernatural being 113.5951711227
zǒngcollect; overall, altogether 12.7931654228
what, why, where, which, how 9.5740771229
diànelectricity; electric; lightning 73.1510242230
shùnumber; several, count; fate 66.91332999231
ānpeaceful, tranquil, quiet 40.3630549232
shǎofew, less, inadequate 42.1410110233
bàoreport, tell, announce 64.4720656234
cáitalent, ability; just, only 64.0330029235
jiéknot, tie; join, connect 120.6931754236
fǎnreverse, opposite, contrary, anti 29.2440139237
shòureceive, accept, get; bear, stand 29.6841174238
eye; look, see; division, topic 109.0530236239
tàivery, too, much; big; extreme 37.1410093240
liàngmeasure, quantity, capacity 166.51242616241
zàiagain, twice, re- 13.4610382242
gǎnfeel, perceive, emotion 61.91332875243
jiànbuild, establish, erect, found 54.6841302244
affairs, business; must, should 34.2520297245
zuòwork, make; act 9.91112324246
jiēreceive; continue; catch; connect 64.81132185247
surely, most certainly; must 61.1530321248
chǎngopen space, field, market 32.3620367249
jiànnumerary adjunct for article; matter 9.4620466250
plan, plot; strategem; scheme 149.2440168251
guǎnpipe, tube, duct; woodwind music 118.81443123252
period of time; date; time limit 74.81212542253
shìmarket, fair; city, town; trade 50.2530301254
zhístraight, erect, vertical 109.3831011255
ethics, morality, virtue 60.121553272256
property; wealth; capital 154.61042039257
mìnglife; destiny, fate, luck; an order, instruction 30.5841168258
shānmountain, hill, peak 46.0330039259
jīngold; metals in general; money 167.0841166260
zhǐfinger, toe; point, indicate 64.6941389261
gram; overcome; transliteration 10.5740675262
allow, permit; promise; betroth 149.4640554263
tǒnggovern, command, control; unite 120.6951765264
area, district, region, ward 23.2440094265
bǎoprotect, safeguard, defend, care 9.7941562266
zhìreach, arrive; extremely, very 133.0640410267
duìteam, group; army unit 170.2440180268
xíngform, shape, appearance 59.4750604269
shègod of the soil and altars to him; group of families; company, society 113.3740890270
便biànconvenience, ease; expedient 9.7921556271
kōngempty, hollow, bare, deserted 116.3831282272
juédecide, determine, judge 15.4630523273
zhìgovern, regulate, administer 85.5851264274
zhǎnopen, unfold; stretch, extend 44.71042131275
horse; surname; KangXi radical 187 187.0330072276
section, department, science 115.4941551277
take charge of, control, manage; officer 30.2520325278
five; surname 7.2410088279
foundation, base 32.81142193280
yǎneye; eyelet, hole, opening 109.61122263281
shūbook, letter, document; writings 2.3410188282
fēinot, negative, non-; oppose 175.0821064283
rule, law, regulation; grades 18.4640440284
tīnghear; understand; obey, comply 30.4710739285
báiwhite; pure, unblemished; bright 106.0520275286
quèstill, but; decline; retreat 26.5740658287
jièboundary, limit; domain; society; the world 102.4931496288
arrive at, reach; intelligent; smooth, slippery 162.3650398289
guānglight, brilliant, shine; only 10.4640417290
fàngput, release, free, liberate 66.4831223291
qiángstrong, powerful, energetic 57.91252802292
promptly, quickly, immediately 26.5740901293
xiànga picture, image, figure; to resemble 9.121332961294
nándifficult, arduous, hard; unable 29.81032147295
qiěmoreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb) 1.4530237296
quánpower, right, authority 75.2650378297
think, consider, ponder; final particle 61.5921500298
wángking, ruler; royal; surname 96.0450075299
xiàngelephant; ivory; figure, image 152.51142361300

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HSK level - whether character appears on the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Proficiency Test) word list and on what level.
General Standard# - index number in the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters.
Frequency rank - based on Jun Da's Modern Chinese Character Frequency List.

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